Rebecca Chesney

Rebecca Chesney

Death by Denim Harris Museum & Art Gallery in partnership with In Certain Places 2015

Today the outdoor clothing industry is worth millions of pounds. One of the pioneers in the development of contemporary outdoor clothing was Scoglio and Son, a small clothing firm based in Bolton in the 1970's. Originally from Italy, Luca Scoglio wanted his designs to consider style as well as practicality. In 1973 the company launched their Summat collection of denim outdoor gear for the fashion conscious walker comprising an embroidered jacket, jeans, mittens, gaiters and a map pouch.

The popularity of the Summit range was short lived however after the tragic death of Luca Scoglio's son Dino, who was wearing the entire Summat range at the time his body was found in the Westmorland Fells. It's uncertain exactly what caused Dino's death, but it is thought that after a fall during a walk in bad weather it was the sheer weight of the wet denim that contributed to his death. The firm closed down shortly after the tragic accident.

Rebecca Chesney Death by Denim 02
Left: Summat advertisement in the spring issue of Rural Life Magazine 1973
Right: Contact sheet from the Summat fashion shoot 1973. Model unknown. Courtesy of the Scoglio family

Rebecca Chesney Death by Denim 03
Left: Summat sample jacket, Scoglio and Son of Bolton 1973
Top right: Summat mittens, Scoglio and Son of Bolton 1973
Middle right: Summat gaiters, Scoglio and Son 1973
Bottom right: Summat map pouch, Scoglio and Son of Bolton 1973

Rebecca Chesney Death by Denim 05
Summat pattern, Scoglio and Son 1973

Rebecca Chesney Death by Denim 04
Left: Lakeland Sun headline,Tuesday 17th July 1973
Right: Lakeland Sun article, Tuesday 17th July 1973


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