Rebecca Chesney

Rebecca Chesney

In collaboration with artist Lubaina Himid.
The Storm Tonspur, Micro Museum for Sound, MQ Vienna, Austria 2021.
8-channel sound installation (16 minutes duration) and series of 7 back lit posters (59 x 84 cm) displayed in the Museum Quarter in Vienna.

And with the storm came a warning

But you have not been listening

I am the thunder

You will hear me

Combining field recordings and spoken word, Lubaina Himid and I have collaborated to create a sound piece to conjure up a message of urgency.
But, whose words are being spoken?
And have you been listening?

7 posters

The Storm series of 7 posters (59 x 84 cm) installed in the Museum Quarter in Vienna

Rebecca Chesney Tonspur
The Storm 8-channel sound work installed in the Museum Quarter in Vienna, along with the series of 7 posters

Artist and writer Lauren Craig was invited to write a response to The Storm - The Storm Gatherer/s
Visit the Tonspur website for more details and to hear The Storm


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