map. volume 1, coniston
grizedale arts, cumbria 2005 / 06

Research project commissioned by Grizedale Arts.
Project about how we perceive the landscape, and in particular the rural landscape.
Map reveals all the invisible boundaries that carve up the area around Coniston in the Lake District.
The research involved over 45 organisations, associations and authorities and shows 22 different layers of funding, ownership and classification boundaries.
The final map is an overlay of every layer resulting in a complicated indecipherable drawing.
The map was shown as part of the Grizedale Arts Exhibition on Greenland Street at the Liverpool Biennial in 2006.

map. volume 1, coniston
Finished map with 22 definition layers

grizedale map 02

(all information collected in 2005 - definitions and boundaries may have changed)

Below: SSSI
A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is the land notified by English Nature as an SSSI under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). SSSI are the finest sites for wildlife and natural features in England, supporting many characteristics, rare and endangered species and habitats. Sites mapped in the Coniston area are: Dodgson Wood; Subberthwaite, Blawith and Torver Low Commons; Ashgill Quarry; and Coniston Mines and Quarries.


Below: National Trust
Land owned by, leased or under covernant of the National Trust. This charity was set up in 1895 to act as a guardian for the nation in the acquisition and protection of threatened coastline, countryside and buildings. The National Trust owns approximately a quarter of the Lake District National Park.


Below: Parish Councils
The Parish Council is the smallest type of administrative area in England. Parishes are a very old spacial unit which originally represented areas of both civil and ecclesiastical administration. They used to be significant local government areas, but now have very limited functions. There are five parish councils on the map: Coniston, Torver, Blawith with Subberthwaite, Satterthwaite and Colton with Nibthwaite.


Below: Super Output Areas
Super Output Areas are a new geography for the collection and publication of small area statistics. The first SOA data to be published was the ODPM's (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) Indicies of Deprivation 2004. Coniston is in the Lower Layer Super Output Area South Lakeland 008C. The Indicies of Multiple Deprivation combine information relating to income, employment, education, health, crime, skills and training, barriers to housing and services into an overall measure of deprivation. A score is calculated for each area: a low score indicates greater deprivation with a rank of 1. South Lakeland has an overall rank of 258 out of 354 local authorities.


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