i'm blue, you're yellow
everton park, liverpool 2012

In spring 2012 I was commissioned by Landlife to realise the planting of two acres of meadow on Everton Park in Liverpool.
These two meadows were commissioned as a result of my research during a residency at
Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2010/11 where I proposed the creation of habitat to help encourage and support local populations of bees and other insects. Although the meadows couldn't be accommodated on the YSP Bretton Estate, the Everton site was identified as being suitable for the development of the meadow intervention.

One acre is made entirely of blue flowering species, the other acre is entirely of yellow flowering species. Each acre is square in shape.

The meadows have gradually changed as perennial species establish and the annuals diminish.

Situated in Everton Park on Netherfield Road North, the meadows are in bloom during the summer months, free to visit and open all day.

chesney meadow 06
The meadows in June 2015

chesney meadow 01
The meadows in June 2015

RebeccaChesney 04
The meadows in July 2014

The meadows in May 2014

The meadows in May 2014

The meadows in May 2014

chesney meadow art 01

The meadows in June 2013

The meadows in June 2013

The meadows in June 2013

blue meadow 01
The meadows in June 2013

The meadows in August 2012.
During the first year the meadows were mainly annual plants as the perennials established

The meadows in August 2012
photo by Gavin Renshaw

chesney bee ID
Bee ID with ecologist Brian Robinson 2014

chesney meadow art 02
7-spot Ladybird Coccinella 7- punctata on Kidney Vetch Anthyllis vulnereria

Buff-tailed Bumblebee Bombus terrestris on Cornflower Centaurea cyanus

A selection of plant specimens collected from the two meadows were on show at
World Museum, Liverpool from September - November 2012

Corn marigold Chrysanthemum segetum
Cornflower Centaurea cyanus
Common Toadflax Linaria vulgaris
everton pressing02sm
everton pressing05sm
everton pressing03sm

chesney book
I'm blue, you're yellow publication
48 pages, colour
With a foreword by Richard Scott (Senior Ecologist for Landlife) and texts by Elaine Speight (Curator) and Dr Colm Bowe (Lecturer in Plant and Environmental Science at Liverpool John Moores University)
£6 (free post and packaging)
If you would like to buy a copy please email me (address on contact page)

Please see
Diligent Observation for more information on the original proposal for Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

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