death equals all things - omnia mors aequat
bolton museum and art gallery 2007

Commission to make new work based on the collection in the herbarium at Bolton Museum and Art Gallery.

Time was spent researching in the botanical archive at the museum under the guidance of the Curator of Botany Patricia Francis where I became interested in investigating the properties of plants - in particular poisonous plants and their use with intent to murder and commit suicide. 5 species of plant and 1 fungus became the main focus of the research: Hemlock, Monkshood, Foxglove, Yew, Deadly Nightshade and Death Cap fungus.
I constructed a makeshift laboratory in my basement at home to try and make poison from plants planted in my back yard – Hemlock, Deadly Nightshade, Yew, Monkshood and Foxgloves.




death equals all things omnia mors aequat
polaroids from a series of 6 2007
7.7 x 7.9 cm

chesney hemlock

chesney yew

chesney aconite

chesney foxglove
each 14.5 x 19.2 cm 2007
from top: hemlock conium maculatum, yew taxus baccata, aconite aconitum napellus, foxglove digitalis purpurea

bolton 03

bolton 01
Installation view of Death Equals All Things omnia mors aequat at Bolton Museum and Art Gallery 2007

bolton 05

bolton 06
live hemlock specimen in sealed cabinet in Bolton Museum and Art Gallery 2007

bolton 02
one for you, one for me
two phials of pure poison each 10cm high 2007
letter of intent
hand written letter in sealed envelope 16 x 11cm 2007

bolton 07

bolton 08
the plan (detail)
marker pen on paper 157 x 76 cm 2007

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