alla breve
museo casa rurale di carcente, italy 2018

The Museo Casa Rurale di Carcente, located in the mountains above Lake Como, was once a family home. The house and its contents have been restored to show the way people lived in the past and preserve the traditions of the region.
I was invited to make new work to be exhibited in the historic rooms in the house. My main interest was in the old farming methods of the area where stone wall terraces were made on the steep slopes of the mountain side to make the land easier to work. The terraces are no longer used and are overgrown with trees, since many families left the region during the 40's and 50's.

Hand embroidery, cotton thread on cotton fabric. 2018

embroidery 1

Installation views of Alla Breve

install 01

install 02

Gouache on Moleskin paper. 2018
From a series of 6

como gouache 02

Installation view of Terraces in the Museum

gouache 03

Carcente Graffiti
Graphite on paper 2018
drawing 1
drawing 2

drawing 3

Installation view of Carcente Graffiti in the Museum

drawing 04

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