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montalvo art center, california USA 2017

During my residency at Montalvo in California (Sept 2016, March & April 2017) I was looking at issues surrounding extreme weather and met with scientists at NASA Ames Research Centre, Stanford University and UC Berkeley.
The United States Forest Service estimated a loss of 66 million trees in the Sierra Nevada in 2016 due to years of severe drought and increase of bark beetle attack. Ponderosa, Jeffrey, Pinyon and Sugar Pines are most susceptible to attack. The dead trees create an increased fire risk.

Embroidery of bark beetle exit holes. Series of 2
Cotton thread on cotton fabric. 2017

bark beetle embroidery (near)

Near embroideries on view at Springhornhof, Germany 2018

embroidery 01

Hand screen print derived from NASA satellite imagery showing the extent of dead trees in the Sierra Nevada from 2013 - 2016
From a series of 8. 2017 & 18

NASA print (far)

Gallery view of Far installed at Springhornhof, Germany 2018

distance 22 new

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