future kit
montalvo art center, california USA 2017

During my residency at Montalvo in California (Sept 2016, March & April 2017) I was looking at issues surrounding extreme weather and met with scientists at NASA, Stanford University and UC Berkeley. During my first visit in 2016 California was suffering from years of severe drought, however on my return a few months later the state had suffered extreme levels of rain fall, floods and landslides over the winter months.

Flood Stick
2m folding ruler painted with specially made paints
(derived from the colour of flood water)
Limited edition of 10

Part of the Future Kit, this handy folding ruler is suitable for those living alongside rivers, on floodplains or near the coast.

flood stick 03

flood stick 02

flood stick 01

flood stick 04

flood stick 05

Future Mask
Offering 100% UVA and UVB eye protection.
Protection against fine dust particles, water and oil based mists.
Made from lightweight cotton fabric with full head and skin coverage to shield against sunburn.
Be prepared for the future climate.



More elements from the
Future Kit will be added to the website soon.

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