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In Certain Places commission 2015 - 17

Air quality is an issue that affects us with every breath we take. I am looking at air quality and pollution in relation to our daily routines, how it affects our health, the environment and how we engage with this invisible problem.
Using the latest innovation in air quality monitoring to measure and record levels of fine particulate matter (PM) I conducted walks in Preston (February 2016), Glasgow (April 2016) and London (May 2016). Volunteers helped me gather the data by recommending routes and accompanying me on the walks.
The PM monitors were devised by Dr Stefan Reis, Centre for Ecology and Hydology in Edinburgh with Dr DK Arvind, University of Edinburgh.
The outcome of this commission will be launched in 2017.

I conducted 13 walks in Preston covering 86km:

preston walk 02

preston walk 03

preston walk 05

preston walk 01
Map showing PM 2.5 data for one of the Preston walks.

london map
Map showing PM 2.5 data for one of the London walks.

The following scientsts and experts have contributed to this project: Dr Carly Stevens (Lancaster Environment Centre), Dr Stefan Reis (CEH), Dr DK Arvind (University of Edinburgh), Diana Silva (King's College London), Dr Mark Lochrie (UCLan), Dr Matthew Loxham (University of Southampton), Professor Frank Kelly (King's College London), Chris Hodson and Jose Pinon Shaw (Preston City Council) and Mic Starbuck (environmental activist in Glasgow).

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