field recordings

As part of my research I make field recordings to gather sounds related to a
place or subject.

A selection of my field recordings are on SoundCloud - please follow the links below
(it's best to listen with headphones if you can)

chesney iceberg 01
The underwater sound of a melting glacier at the Breidamerkurjokull Glacier in Iceland.
Recorded in June 2014
Melting glacier (underwater)

chesney iceberg 02
The sound of a melting glacier.
Recorded at Svinafellsjokull in Iceland in June 2014
Melting glacier

chesney eiders
Field recording of eider ducks and oyster catchers on the north coast of Iceland.
Recorded in June 2014
Iceland birds

chesney romania
The sound of an approaching thunder storm in a forest in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania.
Recorded in May 2013
Romanian thunder

jackal 02
Jackal howling as evening approaches
Recorded in South Africa in September 2013
Howling Jackal

chesney india
An interview (in Marathi) with a local tribal woman living in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, India. She tells of how her family have lived in the Park for seven generations and talks about the conflict between humans and leopards.
This is part of a 15 minute interview recorded in December 2013
Marathi interview

chesney bees
The sound of honey bees inside a hive.
Recorded at YSP in July 2010