Rebecca Chesney

Rebecca Chesney

Forewarning (6 minutes duration) Full of Noises, Soundcamp and Cumbria Wildlife Trust 2018

Filmed in mid summer 2018 on South Walney Island off the coast of Cumbria, Forewarning is a three screen video and sound installation concerned with the threats to the island: the increased erosion of the coastline and the failure of the nesting gull colony.
Forewarning is dominated by the overwhelming roar of the wind battering the microphone and the cry of the birds, while warning lights and signals flash in different rhythms on the three screens.

Rebecca Chesney Full of Noises 01
Installation view of Forewarning at Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall 2019

Rebecca Chesney Full of Noises 03

Rebecca Chesney Full of Noises 02
Stills from Forewarning 2018


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