Rebecca Chesney

Rebecca Chesney

City Birds AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent UK and Atelier Sangatsu Japan 2015

The work comprises a series of field recordings of birds singing over the constant traffic noise in Preston city centre. Each sound recording is accompanied by a drawing revealing the location, date, time, weather and species of bird.
Commissioned by AirSpace Gallery.

Rebecca Chesney City Birds 01
L-R: Melody 4 Pencil and text on paper (recording of Blackbird 12.01 minutes); Melody 2 Pencil and text on paper (recording of Robin 2.05 minutes); Melody 1 Pencil and text on paper (recording of Thrush 3.12 minutes)
To listen to the Melody series please visit my Soundcloud page

Rebecca Chesney City Birds 02
Left: Installation view of the City Birds at AirSpace Gallery
Middle and right: Installation view of Melody 4 sited in the gallery Bird Yarden, viewable via Bird Cage Walk


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