Rebecca Chesney

Rebecca Chesney

Cause and Effect
HOME, Manchester 2023
Large scale textile and sound installation commissioned for inclusion in the group show A Fine Toothed Comb held at HOME.
10m x 3m x 1m

Chesney HOME 01
The work references the connections between the history and wealth of Manchester with current climate issues.
Ownership, wealth and power in the city are represented by over layering planning applications made in the area around HOME onto the fabric.
Photo: Michael Pollard

Chesney HOME 02
The work is made of organic, chemical and VOC free paint on handloom woven, organic Kala cotton with a timber frame made of reused materials from previous HOME exhibitions.
Photo: Michael Pollard

Chesney HOME 03
Playing on the other side of the work, on loud haler speakers, is a dawn chorus recording I made on 9th May 2023, at 04.25 in the morning on a derelict plot of land near to the gallery in Manchester city centre.

Shown alongside this piece is Red, Amber, Green (2020)

Chesney HOME 07
Using the entire 120 plates from a 1950s copy of the The Popular Handbook of British Birds by P. A. D. Hollom, I have blanked out all species currently on the Red and Amber UK Conservation Status List, creating an imagined future handbook.
Gouache on paper. Each page is 21 x 12.5 cm

Chesney HOME 05
Photo: Michael Pollard

Chesney HOME 06
Photo: Chris Payne

Chesney HOME 08

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